How to get there

  • costa_rica From Airport
  • There is a bus stop right in front of the airport which goes to San Jose directly, when you arrive the last stop in San Jose, we are just 10 blocks from the bus stop, however we recommend you to take a taxi to our hotel, just tell the taxi driver you are going to Avenida 1, 25metros este del costado sur del registro civil, Hotel la Cuesta
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costa_rica By Car


Our hotel is located at downtown Avenida 1, in downtown San Jose, 50 meters West from the Tribunal Supremo de elecciones, Avenida 1 is a one way street , which you can see on map on right , the street direction is going toward west. You can also reach us at Tel: 2256-7946 and 2255-2896 and ask our receptionist for the direction.

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Our location

Hotel Address: (in Spanish) San Jose, Avenida 1, 50metros oeste del registro civil (tribunal supremo de elecciones)


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Interesting Spots in San Jose

National Museum 250meters - Gold Museum 350meters - Art Craft Center 250meters

National Theatre 450meters - Art Museum 200meters all in 3-5 minutes wallking distance from hotel

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